Patient Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MedTrack FREE?

MedTrack is FREE to register and use by patient, doctors and medical facilities. We however provide Value Added Services to medical facilities to grow and expand their practice.

How do I access information on MedTrack?

MedTrack is available on web and mobile. Users also receive SMS of all activity on their account even without internet.

How secured is MedTrack and who can access my medical information?

MedTrack uses Enterprise Level Security and data protection technologies similar to the one used by banks. Patient information is securely saved and can only be accessed by services providers upon approval by patient through a code authentication process.

Can I add other branches of my medical facility?

Yes, we provide support for medical service providers (Pharmacies and Medical Laboratories) that have multiple branches.

I already have a software for my medical facility, can I still use MedTrack?

MedTrack would not replace or compete with existing software solutions used by medical facilities, it augments and provides additional support by connecting the facility to other external service providers.

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